Just to get out of the house, did a photoshoot for my good friend Iman, she is an amazing singer and actress and will be doing some big things in the future, so keep an eye out. She also has the best sense of humor. Check out her twitter and myspace.

The rest are on my myspace, if you aren't my friend, add me :D

Whoa, where have I been?

Pretty much, just been taking it easy and relaxing my last few days in Sac. Just going to up some of the same shots I'm putting on my flickr.

Thanks to Ray and Joanne of Dragatomi for this guy.

Only real exciting thing that's happened, new phone!



Happy Birthday Raelyn!

Went out to the city again for my good friend Raelyn's 16th birthday. Feels weird driving out here twice within a few days. But at the same time it was very different. For one, it was hella colder this time.
Screw you >:0
Jimmy, you's a creeper

Beard Papa! Hella good ass creampuffs (no homo) and until monday I thought they were only in Hawaii, which is where I had it last about 2 years ago. So these hella made my day.
boobs :D

This little guy was adorable.

Looking all badass roaming around chinatown
So I hope you had a good birthday, Raelyn. Even though I'm moving in about 2 weeks, I don't think I'll be able to stay away from Sacramento since all of my best friends are still here.


Last few days

SF aftermath
Home cooked meal.
Few shots for NickNack

Lmao, Animal Sex

Thats it for now, tomorrow should be chill. SF again on monday, and in 2 weeks SF permanently.

Frisco again

Kevin needed to go, I haven't been in like a month, so why not go again right?

Short Rib



Free Hugs at the Bocks
I'll be back on Monday, so should see more pics from my favorite city again.


Getting tired for the night.

But had to check in. Monday was one of the most LIVE performances I have ever been to. KRS-ONE KILLED it, and he just knows how to get the crowd going. Even in this pic, the dude went INTO the crowd and just kept going. He freestyled more than he performed his regular songs. He got up all on my dude Kevin's face in this one too.

After that the day after, 5 (could've been 3 or 4) dudes killed this. 100 pc. At wingstop.... eliminated, lol.

Alright now back to today, saw Funny People. Movie was not what I expected since the commercials made it seem like it was just another normal comedy, but in the end I actually liked it for other things. It was a real movie which showed real situations which showed the ugly side of life and what can come out of it. I've been liking stuff like that recently, so this was perfect for me. Mixing a drama and comedy together actually seems very difficult, but it was done really well here.

With that said, I need to start getting to bed since I'm gunna hit up Frisco tomorrow, AKA my future home for a minute. Also, learned a few things today but... I'll talk about those later maybe. And when I say maybe, probably not. What's done is done, and the future is coming, and whatever happened doesn't matter, it was never my problem anyway.


That time again....

2nd saturday came again, and of course it didn't dissapoint. The only thing was that there was too much going on, and I really wish that that there would have been 3 or 4 of me so I wouldn't miss anything. Also glad I got to show my boy Kevin around and to show him that Sac is no joke and that we are becoming something.Also big ups to my friends at Dragatomi for getting Frank Kozik to come down, dude is super chill and really down to earth. Also, he really isn't big headed for how famous he is in the art world. He even said he liked it here and might come back, so I definaltely hope so.

Happy 2nd anniversary Havoc, and for all that you have been doing for the sacramento urban hip hop scene. It's just too bad cops have to be jerks and ruin everything, but the "private party" inside was still dope.

And lastly, KITTY!



Back to watching and doing that I love. Tex Wasabi's was the place this time.


Portland - Day 5

Finally caught up. Last day was dope, got to stay with my boy Kevin last night, which was a nice change from staying where I was, and actually got to sleep in for once. Woke up to watch what more stay at home moms or losers without jobs watch, Maury. Shit was hella LOL, this chick was scared of cotton, so they had her face her fears with "cotton ball man"

Headed to UP Portland and Compound, 2 DOPE ass spots. I miss my sac boutiques though.new fatcap :D

Finally home, and mmmm.... pastrami.....

Bumping: Talib Kweli - I Try

It's good to be home, now just time to get those last things together and just chill before it's off to school. My boy Kevin from Oregon is kickin it here this week, so should be interesing. I got some other stuff to update though, so night.

Portland - Day 4

Little late, sorry.Thank you gift for my hosts

Man, this pizza joint was the best I ever had, word to Drake

Bumping: Nothing, I was hella tired.


Portland - Day 3

Went to the coast, Seaside to be exact.

Razor Clams:D

"Elephant ears" SUPER sugary.
Some of the best MacnCheese ever had.

Imagine living hereBumping Daft Punk - Aerodynamic/One more time