me again

Wale in Sac, homemade cooking, and shooting Dunnys. This week has been good.



aka Perez, a good friend of mine had the opening reception to his art show at Dragatomi the other day. Congrats to him. More pics are on Dragatomi's Flickr.



A whole bunch of stuff today.

And put my art in US.

today was cool.

yet hot, Summer can get annoying.



It's been a wild ride

2nd Sat

Jimmy's BBQ

Back to the Future Fridays

Press Play at Grad Night

For whoever reads this, of course the rest of the pics will always be on myspace or flickr.


not this one but...

Next update should be huge, been up to alot of different things. But until i have time or feel like posting that, I just need to put this up so I remember I want this thing like no tomorrw, and actually without seeing this design I thought of the EXACT same concept a few months ago, oh well, Sam beat me to it. I didn't read when it comes out or where I can get it, I just know I need one in the future.


Sort of late but...


Thanks mom.

Future, here I come. (After summer of course)


Field Trip!

Went with the Dragatomi Crew to the Thought Processor show and release party at Super 7 in SF, which was fun as hell. Not much else to say, the photos say it all.


This week

This week is hasn't been as chill as I thought it would be, but still good. Finished alot of work up, Verbalistic Photoshoot, Senior BBQ and Sunset, just kickin it. I have a feeling this summer will be dope.


Checking in

This crazy weekend started with the last lunch lol.

Saturday was all about partys, one random one in Galt, and then another one which I'll say was fun, and that's it lol.

Got super inspired Sunday for the 2nd annual "Chains 2 Change" Got to see and hear some living legends, and definately a great way to close out being at Kennedy.

Senior BBQ tomorrow, and a whole lot of other stuff too. Life is coming fast, just hope I can keep up with it and maybe learn a thing or two on the way.