last day of testing

made the most of it by getting some ihop.

that new illustration is coming along so far

and saving the best for last, OMFG 1st pics from Iron Man 2!!!!

I'm pumped, ok gnite.


my dog

was mischievous today

lol, being bored with angles.


Usually don't take WDYWTD pics, but felt like I had to today because I broke the OG Hares out for some reason. Brings me back to my days as a sneakerhead. Just got Oscars today pretty much, nothing else interesting went down. Also, going to be finishing up those two illustrations down there, almost time to turn in the AP portfolio.

Futura tee x Triumvir Denim x OG Hare VIIs

Coming soon.



Finally have time to have more constant updates, no that I've gotten alot of crap out of the way. Not much going on today, too damn cold for another water fight. No school til 10:30 tomorrow. Peace.



This weekend was one of the best I've had in awhile. I'm not one to narrate on this blog, but foreal screw it, it was hella fun.

Saw the movie club's movie, was really impressed. Dope work, and deep finish. Dumbass Jimmy twittering during half of it though.

After, headed to Soosh's open mic hosted by his church. Sondra was killin' it, even though I made her laugh with my phone haha.

Dayanand's photoshoot on Saturday, messin around. Cops comin up trying to mess with us, and then kickin it at Havoc and Dragatomi, can't wait until they open up.


No picture after that, but then it was pretty dope getting to kick it with my BFF Kristen who came down from SF, bless her heart haha. Stuffing our faces with Mizu, then meeting random ass people on the levy was good times. Oh, and then doing that one "art project" with Jimmy and Soosh was fun too, and then just recovering on Sunday. Hope other weekends get as good as this one, too bad it's over and schools tomorrow. I'm not trippin about school anymore though since I passed Senior Project :D so iite, I'll shut up now, peep the flickr or something. Peace.

damn, today was awesome.

No pics at the moment since I'm at Jimmy's right now, but today was DOPE. Photoshoot in the mornin, watchin police go by givin us looks. Chillin with Kristen, heading out to Mizu, chillin with random people at Garcia Bend, and other "interesting" stuff. haha. just reminding myself to post pics when I get home later today. Peace.


Finally had a chance to shoot my new Filth Kanser today.

LMAO, best lunch ever yesterday...

Also, senior project is DONE. I can chill the rest of the year nowwwww :D


Dedicated the last few days to this. 20 x 6 Feet, for Caroline Wenzel Elementary. Hope they enjoy it, feels good to do something for the community. Little nervous about presenting it tomorrow, afterwards I can chill the rest of the year.


today was boring

I need this thing. That is all.



so much i need to get done... oh well enjoy these shots from second saturday.


spriing breaak

makes you soooo lazy....



fun night, thanks to everyone that went with me.


The last 3 days

Have all been interesting...