Nike Livestrong Stages Collection - Nike Dunk Hi FLOM

A couple of months ago, we gave you a look at the Stages Collection that has been done in collaboration with Nike and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong, and now, we would like to show you a closer look at Futura’s Nike Dunk Hi FLOM done in the Livestrong colorway.This shoe is one of those legendary and seldomly seen releases that attracted the attention of “sneaker heads” worldwide with its amazing colorway and design, but it was limited to about 24 pairs and they were given to friends and family of Futura. Well, it has been resurrected for Stages with a new look, so be sure to be on the lookout if you want to get your mits on these.Thanks to Sneaker News for the images.

These are insane, I'll just enjoy gawking at them since I'll never own these. Futura is one of my favorite artists, so sick to see him collab with Lance again.


Last weekend of being a seniorrrrr

Good weekend, and it's not even over thanks to Memorial day. Friday was cool, rally wasted some class time, even though it was somewhat lame. Kicked it with PH3 afterward, dudes are hella chill. Saturday, put some artwork in Havoc just so the gallery isn't empty. Had an adventure after that, LOL, and that's all I can really say about that. Slept all day today, and painted a little.

EDIT*** LMAO, forgot to add this from Friday


Just checking in

Started off the week shooting new photos of Havoc's renovation. Rest can be found on their Myspace.

Cross-dress day at school, not much else to say.

Java Lounge
Work is never over.

Only 6 days left of school. Juiced.


Starting from Thursday....

Was Disneyland grad nite, which was the shiiiiiiiit.
In n Out break on the way. Actual night was sick, didn't feel like bringing the camera everywhere, so no pics from me. Sprinting full out to rides was dope, 1st to ride screamin!
Got a haircut first thing when I got back, and reppin Manchester United, congrats on the 3peat! Now only Barca stands in the way...
Lunch on Sat at Prontos, then off to work on my first real mural project, so juiced.

Progress as of today, hopefully complete in a week or two.And that was my Thursday til now, only weeks left.

And lastly, stay strong Steven.


Beginning to end.

Disneyland in 9 hours!


For Summer, Disneyland on Thursday. Today, just got some paint, ready to paint a mural this weekend. Finished editing pics from Dragatomi's opening, so check out their flickr for the pics. Still have to edit the pics from 2nd sat though, so keep a look out. Doing a banner for grad night right now too, Mardi Gras theme almost done with that. For your enjoyment, here's a few cool pics of some roses from mother's day.



Let's see, saturday started with opening Dragatomi
Headed to my elementary school reunion. Dope, but I wish more people came.

Back to Dragatomi for a minute to make sure everything was going good, which it was. HELLA people came through, which was sick.

Open mic at Havoc was CRACKINNNNN, more than usual, Jared was killin it on the drums, and Ez got em on the tables.

Shit got gay though when pigs showed up, 7 TIMES LOL. LOL at bumpin JDilla when they were around too
Mothers Day was good, made some food for moms, and kicked it at my aunts house, met my cousin's new puppies
And that was pretty much it, now its 2 in the morning on monday, I needa go to bed.



It's Saturday morning, can't wait for later today. So, just putting something down here to pass some time. Glad to see my shirt design sold well yesterday at school. 2nd Saturday is going to be HELLA dope today, Havoc's renovations done, Dragatomi opening, can't wait. You know what, I really can't. Ima go there now, peace!


Not much this week

Stressful as hell though, 2 AP tests. This weekend should be dope though, 2nd Sat, Reunion, Dragatomi opening, can't wait.

Some old work, just had to take new pics for an online submission through school.


Got alot done today.

New pickups, peep the HABIT Blog!

My 2 favorite stores are finishing completion


hopefully opening Saturday, they should have the rest of the sneak peak pics up soon, keep checking back for updates.

More teaser pics to come, as it is set up lol. Gnite.

delicious chicken.

Align Center
That is all.


it rained.

so had fun indoors

and there was almost a fight today, too bad there wasn't

and came across one of thee DOPEST customs I have ever seen from KR Forum member motorbot. Check him out, he has dope stuff.