fin de semana

Friday, headed to the HUF sample sale.... It was worth it and then it wasnt worth it. Got there like an hour after it started, line went around the damn corner, and they only let 10 people in at a time, so we waited 3 damn hours to get in. Saved alot on alot of goodies though, it was like at least 80% off. Sucked though because I missed my make-up materials and tools class, but got that sorted out today so it was all good.
Then headed to 1 AM Gallery's shop wars with Ray and Joanne from Dragatomi, sick ass show in every way. Bomb food, amazing customs and pieces, and super chill people. Met FreshCharacters, and got to paint a giant Qee with him, which was dope. Big ups to Drilone for representing Dragatomi with an amazing custom, for more coverage check out Spanky Stokes.

After that went to go kick it with my man Jon Reyes of Delorean, big ups to that whole crew at Sudachi for being so chill, and shoutout to Nick of 12FtDwende, dude is mad chill and might see some collabs with them from me in the future.

Saturday morning sucked because my bus was cancelled, but turned out to be good because I got to walk through the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, too bad I was out of cash because there was some delicious ass looking food out there. Next weekend I stay in SF, I'm getting up early to head out there. The rest of Saturday was the usual adventures, Raelyn's play, GC'ing, Food stops, the usual. Sunday was Dim Sum again with the fam, then back over to the city.

Wow, usually don't type this much, but I guess I was in the mood. I need to go to bed, shit load of hw in the morning. PEACE.



Been busy, going to try to blog about once a week. Been twittering more though. Not feeling so talkative at the moment, so here:

Natural Disaster - State Cap.
Apt 78 is that shit, if you haven't downloaded it yet, FYL.


Rest in Peace.

Rest in peace second saturday. A fucked up mixture of Sac PD being assholes, and dumbass poser high school kids killed it. The police were just jerks in their enforcements, making obvious discriminations and ridiculuous accusations. The younger high school kids who came just to get high, drunk, or just decided to show up because all the cool kids were doing it ruined it too by being there for all the wrong reasons. They went to be seen, to look cool, hard and badass. Too bad no one really cared about any of those things. So thanks to these two groups, second saturday will still exist, but has lost all of its meaning in the process. So let me just take this last sentence to say FUCK THE BOTH OF YOU, THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Big props to UnitedState for doing something about it. The Redcup protest was the perfect idea, and worked perfectly. I could ramble on about it's story, but you can read about it on their site. Still wish we could have played Vitamin Water pong though. I'm saving my red cup as a souvenir. In conclusion, 2nd Saturday is done in my eyes, but UnitedState said goodbye to it in the best way possible. I'll still come by for them, but just to watch it die slowly. 2nd Saturday, it was nice knowing you and your fun ass adventures, crazy people, amazing art, and even more amazing music, spirit, and culture, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose.



So busy that, these are old from like a week ago and I havent even had time to go take any new ones :O Just enjoy these for now, more should be coming, if i have time. But, the rest are on my flickr, as usual. Dunny release was today, feel so bad that I wasnt able to go Dragatomi in Sacramento for it, so I represented at the KR Store tonight. Pics from that should be up later when my boy Francis ups those. Got 2 chases on my first 2 boxes, so that made my day. Class, and more class tomorrow, then hopefully back to Sac for 2nd Saturday this weekend. Well, that's where I'm at right now, and there's is probably alot more to mention but I need to get on this homework so I'll be back later.


About time

I got to updating this. Not much for starters, though. pretty much went from here:
To here.