ass day. TUS recording, and hitting up the sketch book. what more can you ask for.


CHUUWEE Photoshoot

Normal day today, sore from hella soccer and running and stuff these last few weeks. So woke up around noon like normal, went down to the shop and just kicked it for awhile. Met some new people, drank boba, chill ass day. Did a shoot with my boy CHUWEE today, he needed one.



super boring day. but this wasn't. Props to Chase for finding this, but this looks SICK.


So that mural...

Is finally done. Feels good to be finished, my first real mural.

State Cap

Sure as hell can throw a party.

Tahoe on Weds

I've been slacking

Last Friday was a Poetry Slam at the Vox, which was sick.

Forgot what night, but food and N64 chillin til like 4.

Mural Demonstration on Monday at UC Davis

Raelyn's Mural, which was actually finished yesterday, pics of that up soon

Seafood Goodness.
Went to Ravenous Cafe last night, which was AMAZING, somewhat pricey, but def worth the money.

Went to tahoe on Weds also, pics of that up later.


Sacramento Hip Hop

is coming up, just wait. Avengers/T.U.S. at R5 on Broadway, and Second Saturday at Havoc on 24th and J like usual.

field trip! (again)

Seems like I can't stay away from SF, so glad I'll be living there come the fall, I couldn't have made a better choice.

Bacon Donuts to start at Dynamo Donuts on 24th. Decided to check this out after seeing them on food network and realized how close it was. Price was ehhh, but it was pretty damn good.
Frisco is not complete without pigeons, and its even better when you throw pieces of napkin at them and they thing that its bread or something.

Mothra Clydes! I hella wanted these!

This guy drove suuuuper slow.

A Milk truck leaking milk, how lame.

And the day would not be complete without auto troubles. Also, stay tuned, I'll be back a hopefully a few more times before I move in foreal.


And July started off with a


I'll work in reverse, so last night was the 4th, not even really my favorite holiday since I'm not even all that proud to be American all the time, and even embarrased sometimes. But my boy Parker invited me over so I was like whatever. Shit was hella funny, and it was quite a night, met new people, saw old friends, overall a good fourth for me not expecting to have one. Today was chill though, just visited my Grandma at the senior home like I do every sunday, nothing else really went down, food network star was good today too, annoying chick went home.

And the day before that was the T.U.S. Bonfire, which was chill, except we didnt get it started as soon as we wanted it to, and were missing some stuff like extra fire wood and even though it only lasted a little over an hour, it was dope, which is interesting because bonfires have been getting hella played out lately since so many people were having them, but ours was better because we had music and freestyling to go along with it, and our shit didnt even get shut down. And damn i just noticed that was a long ass sentence just with alot of commas in it lol.

Yea it's a little grainy, had to use a high-ass ISO because of how dark it was.

Then the day before that, kicked it with my boy Chase, find his blog here. He got me to get some new boots, something i havent done in a long-ass time. I shouldnt have got them though, since im not even really playing for anyone right now. I had to though, theyre limited ed. for the confederations cup and the colorway is just sexy as hell, so I pretty much had no choice.

Just some food too from the last few days, damn I'm getting hungry
Some homemade wings my mom fried up on the 4th

Marie's Donuts at 1 in the morning, did this shit 2 days in a row lol.

Sticking to my roots with some blackbean pork, and chinese sausage, and I better stop now so I can go get a bowl of cereal or something real quick. Any other photos I do can either be found on my myspace or flickr

I'll most likely update again later this week, since i have hella planned. Hopefully SF on weds, hella soccer practices, some art projects, and an photoshoot or two. Stay tuned, lol sike no one even reads this. Bye.


It's too hot to blog

But I'll try.

Go away.

You can stay

You can stay too.